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Big Country to return with Mike Peters of the Alarm

Legendary 80′s rockers Big Country are all set to return to the stage and have announced 4 UK shows to take place in January 2011. More may be added. The band exploded onto the scene in 1983 with anthemic songs such as “Fields Of Fire” and “In A Big Country” which were culled from their classic debut album The Crossing which sold several million worldwide. They followed up with a number one album Steeltown and released 8 studio albums all of which entered the Top Ten. Big Country released 28 singles 5 of which were also Top Ten.

Approaching their 30th anniversary, the band are lining up concerts for a period of celebration that will not only embrace their illustrious past but also honour the life and times of original lead singer, guitarist and co-founder Stuart Adamson, who passed away so tragically in 2001. Taking on the mantle of lead singer and joining the band for these dates and more will beMike Peters of fellow celtic rockers The Alarm.

“I first met Stuart on stage at a U2 concert in Hammersmith Palais back in 1983″ says Mike Peters. “Bono introduced us to his audience as being “part of the the new breed” and Stuart was literally passed up onto the stage by the fans and I shook his hand as I handed him a guitar – an unforgettable entrance. The last time I saw him was also on stage with Big Country at Glasgow Barrowlands for the last night of the Final Fling tour in 2000, when we sang Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ In The Freeworld’ together. When Bruce Watson called and asked me to sing for Big Country, it was something I didn’t need to think twice about. I’m looking forward to meeting all the fans again and playing a part in keeping the spirit of Stuart Adamson alive and celebrating the music of a band I have loved from near and afar for the whole of my adult life”.

Bass guitarist Tony Butler says “To play again as Big Country was something that was only going to happen if we could find someone who could compliment the band and sing the songs in the way they need to be sung – with heart and soul. Mike Peters from The Alarm has stepped in to fill the premise. It’s about time the songs got another airing, and we think Stuart would be pleased too”.

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The Weepies – Be My Thrill – 2010 – CD review

Deb Talan and Steve Tannen make writing catchy melodies seem so easy. Obviously it’s not but these ear candy-like pop songs on Be My Thrill just seem so effortless and natural. These sunny, sing-a-long tunes are ready-made for minivans and coffeeshops all across the nation. The simple arrangements and none too deep lyrics allow for easy consumption and doesn’t require your full attention. At times, I found myself wanting to hear a longer instrumental passage or a stinging guitar solo but alas, that’s not what the Weepies are about and I’m fine with that. And I’m totally glad that they’re enjoying life with a toddler but I’m still taking points off for the overly sweet lyrical content here. Personally I prefer a bit more balance of the “sweet” with some “dark” so I find the new album a bit too saccharine for me. I actually prefer their previous album, Hideaway, which features some darker material. ..Well, “darker” for this duo anyway.

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A message to the old man in the Silver Toyota Venza

Look, I see that you’re old and wanted to hurry to show your granddaughter the beach and all but that doesn’t entitle you to forcefully swing your door into my car. First of all, you’re the one that parked extremely close to me. You should have either corrected your shitty parking job or just parked somewhere else if you found the space too tight.

Also, you should have known that those large Venza doors swing out wide and parked your car accordingly. But NO. you just HAD to park in that space next to mine. It’s not like the parking lot was full. it wasn’t. There were plenty of spaces in the parking lot. You probably could taken up TWO spaces elsewhere and no one would have cared. BUT YOU STILL CHOSE to park in that narrow space next to mine! And then you give ME the attitude that it was somehow MY FAULT that my car got dinged??? the nerve of some people.

Did it even occur to you in that old shriveled up brain of yours that maybe you should be mindful of other people’s property??? Come on. there are other folks trying to enjoy their vacation besides YOU and YOUR FAMILY. How inconsiderate of you, old man. You basically ruined what otherwise would have been a perfect day for me, asshole.

So, old man in the silver Venza, I hope you’re happy with yourself. I hope you go right ahead and enjoy what little is left of your pathetic life of yours. Yeah, apparently the world revolves around you and you alone. No need to care about others around you. go ahead with your inconsiderate ways, old man. you may have gotten away with it this time. Next time, you might not be so lucky.