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Sep 26/09


Matt Yanchyshyn @ 16:54

Yes, there haven’t been many posts lately. Let’s just say that Benn loxo du taccu is on pause until further notice.

It’ll likely be back in some form, at some stage, but for now we rest.

Thanks for following me this far: five years and nearly 500 posts.


37 Responses to “Pause”

  1. No…Thank You!
    All the best to you and family, I’ve really enjoyed reading and listening to your posts. Rest and rise again.

  2. Thanks for all the posts, great music, and wonderful stories!

  3. Dear Matt,
    I’ll be missing your amusing and interesting stories and the variety of your music!
    I have learned so much from it all, especially about African music – so thanks a lot!
    My very best wishes to you,
    Asmiri from Bochum/Germany

  4. I have been feeling like that for a while to unplug that thing and take a rest
    I need that fix though, everyday I visit your blog and others
    I hope this is not it, but if it is, I wish you the best for the rest
    just one last request, can you hook a brother up with some more carlou d
    Thank you sir

  5. thanks very much for the music!!

    hope you came back…

  6. thanks for everything! great blog… you set a fine high standard and we all appreciate you for that and for so much more ( like the music from Comoros)

  7. Again, thanks for this 5years! take a rest and come back some day! We will be just here, waiting for you, as long as it’s necessary ;-)

  8. I was a constant follower – hope, it’s just the “pause”-button, not “stop”. Thank you for all the music,

  9. Matt,

    thank you and good luck. I can’t tell you how much i’ve enjoyed your writings. And thanks for inspiring/catalyzing so many other blogs.

    I do hope to hear from you again, and soon, unless there are too many interesting exciting things going on to carry on this sort of running commentary.


  10. I simply love the way you travel. For myself, I do it quite the same way, trying to catch as much live music as I can endure, falling back to buy CDs only if I couldn’t make it to a single show. There’s a so close connection between music and travel that makes it impossible to summarize but as many other readers and listeners I also felt it throughout your posts.
    Big up for what you already did and all the best for what you’re doing now.

  11. Matt,

    Thanks for all the great music and great writing. It’s been a pleasure reading Benn Loxo, and I look forward to more in the future.

    Best of luck!

  12. Thanks for all the inspirational music and the well-written pieces that went with the tracks. Like so many others, I learnt so much here.

    Hope you do find the time and energy to resume this legendary blog in the future.


  13. I miss you!!

  14. For Kaya, high life, azmaris, raw funk, metro, and a great deal more, you have my sincere thanks. Enjoy the break.

  15. It’s sad to see so many of my old favorites shutting down. Yours was definitely one of the best music blogs ever.

  16. So sad to see you go. Come back soon – we’ll be here…

  17. Thanks for enriching our lives with your knowledge and network!

  18. Thanks for all the wonderfullness over the years. I hope you really enjoy your pause. I hope you come back with more of my favorite African tunes that I’d never heard of before.

  19. argh! pause!? what the!? i really need to check this more often… But seriously, big thanks for sharing so much wonderful music. It’s been a pleasure listening.

  20. So much good stuff here, I only regret that I forgot about it for a while. I’ll be checking back to see if you’ve un-paused Benn Loxo, but until then, cheers!

  21. Enjoy your rest. I join the other comments in saying we hope you return.

  22. Gosh. I don’t visit as often as I should, and when I do this is what I see?!

    Seriously, thanks for all the wonderful music . And a great big thanks for posting Natural Self’s “Olufeme Remix” along with Oscar Sulley’s original some time ago.)

    Don’t be a stranger.

    All the best,


  23. Cheers from Portugal (and Mozambique). I’ve been visit you the last 3 years, I think… This pause will be hard to me, believe it or not. I’m use to get knowledge and pleasure from your posts, every single week. Hope U come back soon. Thanks a lot.

  24. thanks for all the music and enlightenment. please come back soon!!

  25. You gained a lot of well-deserved respect and admiration from your blog. If you happen to ever start a new one, or if you’re following something worth sharing, please let us know.


  26. Like everyone else, I hope you’ll be back soon. Benn Loxo was a huge inspiration to me and to a lot of other people. You’re a trailblazer, Matt!

  27. like everybody i hope you will return with all your deep diggin’ reads as your blog been one from the rarest top 3
    ..until then

  28. Thanks for all the great posts over the years … they’ve been truly inspirational!

  29. Like everybody else, I hope you guys will be back very soon! You were a good inspiration to me before. Anyway, while waiting for you guys I will just listen to Somali Music, they are the best in Africa.

  30. Very successful in both content and style sheets. Thanks webmaster and content editor..

  31. thanks for sharing all te posts with us says Fussbodenheizung

  32. For Kaya, high life, azmaris, raw funk, metro, and a great deal more, you have my sincere thanks. Enjoy the break…

  33. Thanks for all the music and enlightenment. please come back soon…

  34. Really miss ye. Enfin reviens, s’il te plait.

  35. hello matt,

    Years later, i still play your music on the two cars. excellent taste good writing. what is was: best blog in the idioma; so now i check back.

    and say hello!

    for anyone came as far as reading #35 and eager for new music every day:

    set ( jump in at 5:55 )

    jan larka

  36. c’était vraiment super ce blog ….

  37. Still miss you….

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