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Jun 12/07

Original Music always wins

Matt Yanchyshyn @ 10:16

A couple weeks ago Benn loxo reader, Andrew, hooked me up with a couple more precious Original Music compilations. Man, they’re always such a step above pretty much anything else out there covering the same eras.

Telephone Lobi is a compilation of 1960s Ghanaian danceband highlife released in 1995 by Original Music. The Lobi, by the way, are an ethnic group who speak a language of the same name in Ghana. They’re known for fiercely resisting French colonialism back in the day… with poisoned arrows. Ouch.

Anyway, for today’s post I picked a track by the Red Spots that I love, a track by the Professional Beach Melodians because they have an amazing name, and a third by Police Band #1 because they also have an amazing name plus I think we should all dance on this rainy day.

We’ve been posting danceband highlife and Original Music tracks on Benn loxo since ’04 so I won’t bore you with the details. But remember: they’re out of print so grab ‘em whenever you can.

As it happens, the music on Telephone Lobi goes really well with another, totally different, group I’ve been into lately: Quantic. I’m really bummed I can’t make their show at the Maroquinerie on June 30th. If you’re in Paris it’s a must-see. But hey, I’ll be somewhere between Argentina and Bolivia, so who’s complaining!

Red Spots – Oya Ke Me
Professional Beach Melodians “Uhuru No. 2″ – Akwantu
Police Band #1 – Me Ye Fun
Quantic – When You’re Through

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2 Responses to “Original Music always wins”

  1. A drive-by comment, picking up on your aside about Quantic, how about that Alice Russell? I can’t believe i came so late onto her and Quantic.

    And then I just wanted to say that I’m liking the variety of your most recent juxtapositions. It helps to keep one minded that all the various musics and musicians don’t live in a vacuum and that there is often interplay.

  2. Just found your site through triangulation from My Heart’s in Accra and Crud Crud. Sorry to hear about Original Music (belatedly), but glad I picked up Giants of Danceband Highlife and Heavy on the Highlife when I did. Thanks for the site, I’m going to start picking my way back through the archives.

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